Welcome to Dietwise


Hello and welcome. Dietwise is managed by an experienced registered dietitian, Dawn Shotton, who has a passion for all things dietary. Dietwise enjoys helping everyone, whether you are an individual seeking support, or a business which requires professional dietetic expertise for health and public sector purposes.

Dietwise aims to improve health and wellbeing by bringing affordable, reliable, and expert dietary support, information and training to everybody, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Personal – this small local Community Interest Company prides itself in getting to know clients, understanding individual requirements and helping people achieve specific needs.

Accessible – support when and where it is needed, at the convenience of its customers

Reliable – Same person, same service, same quality. Guaranteed. Every time.

Experience that counts - be reassured by a track record spanning over 20 years in the  expert field of dietetics


Dietwise offers personal one to one support either face to face, online, or over the telephone.  Also, group work, training and programmes of dietary intervention which targeting specific communities, schools and charities are all in a days work!

For more information, contact me via email (dawn@dietwise.co.uk) or via mobile (07928248727). I look forward to hearing from you, whatever your nutritional needs are!


Dietwise is proud to offer quality nutrition services that are designed and delivered around the requirements of clients - conveniently timed and in a place that best suits the customer.



Dietitians the only nutrition professionals who are regulated by law, and governed by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) to ensure that they always work to the highest standard.  By seeking support from a registered dietitian you will be provided with a quality and evidence based standards of care that no other nutritionist can guarantee.


Dietwise is a small North East Social Enterprise, that takes great pride in knowing and understanding the health requirements of local communities.  High quality, dietary interventions are tailored to specific needs and delivered with passion and pleasure  - there is great satisfaction in providing quality services in a cost effective way, for the benefit of all.



Dear Dawn, a big thank you for all of your help with the ‘diet’.  I will try and keep up the good work.



 Caroline, group weight loss support, Hartlepool, March 2017


Dawn is so professional, flexible and helpful - thanks so much for helping with my lifelong difficulties!



Rob, Irritable bowel syndrome sufferer, March 2017 


  A refreshing and enlightening approach to helping me lose weight - its as much about why we are eating, as it is about what we are eating - and Dietwise really understands this




 Joanne, weight loss support, February 2017