Top tips for smart goals

Setting realistic goals for weight loss is very important.  Learn why here......


Setting goals or targets usually helps most people focus on achievement and what they want.  Goals can help you to move forward – especially if you are able to measure how close you are to achieving it.  This can really  help you feel as though you are getting somewhere. 

 It is important goals are not set too high.  Anything that is too difficult or ambitious, it is likely to fail -  and that helps no one.  To make sure the goals that you set are good goals, use the SMART check:


S         Specific                     - break goals down so they are not too vague


M        Measurable              - so you can check progress and congratulate on success


A         Achievable               - are you sure you are able to achieve this?


R         Realistic                    - is now a good time to try this goal?


T         Timed                        - set a date for achieving the goal


Some examples of Smart Goals:

By April I will be walking to work three times a week.

From now on I’m going to use the stairs at work, not the lift.

I want to lose a stone by my birthday in three months time. 

I’m going to swim every Tuesday morning starting from next week.

I’m going to eat a piece of fruit at work every day from next week.

Starting next week, I’m just going to have two small bars of chocolate a week.

From this week, I’m only going to have chips once a week, and at other times I’m going to have jacket potato instead.

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