Food Fads that Harm, Food Facts that Heal

Sick of fake news and fads about food? Then come to a course that seeks out the facts about our diets......

Join a Dawn, Dietwise registered dietitian, regulated by the Health Care professions Council.  Dawn will sift through the hype and often harmful advice given out by unscrupulous 'pseudo' professionals.  Using sound evidence, Dawn from Dietwise will explore popular topics with you and dispel the myths:

  • Carbs and calories - what really is the best weight loss technique?
  • Good guts - optimising our gut health through the food we eat
  • Fats, foods and facts - look behind the headlines and get to the bottom of the latest health research that will help keep our hearts healthy
  • Food for mood and mind - all you need to know to support mental well being and promote mental agility
  • Sweet dilemma - Is sugar really bad or is it just 'fake' news?  Find out what you really need to do.

Courses run over a 5 week week period, starting 11th January 2018.  Sessions are 2.5 hours long.

Please get in touch for dates on specific topics

Full course - £70

One session - £18

FREE to those who live in Middlesbrough

Get in touch to book your place