4 reasons why fad diets don't work.....

If you are thinking of losing weight this new year, make sure you avoid the pitfalls of fad dieting.....


Reason #1

They are too strict – reducing the amount we eat dramatically will only cause us to crave food more.  Sometimes this can lead to an unhealthy cycle of binging and starving to make up for over indulgences.


Reason #2                                                                           

During weight loss, our bodies readjust to lower energy intakes, and reduce the rate at which we use energy.  The longer we diet, the more our body fights against further loss and the harder it becomes for us.  With each new diet, weight loss gets slower and slower.


Reason #3

Very strict dietary rules are impossible to obey – especially in times of stress or when we are ‘out of routine’.  When dieting rules are broken they can leave us feeling let down, a failure or worse.  This can then lead to giving up, over eating - and then trying again and again in the future.


Reason #4

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients and energy to keep us well and fit.  Strict dieting that excludes too many foods can result in low blood sugar levels.  This will trigger feelings of hunger.  Ignoring these natural feeling can lead to a binges, light headedness and loss of concentration.

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