Free apps to support weight loss

If technology helps you track, monitor and change your eating and exercise positively, here are Dietwise's top free app suggestions....


1. Myfitnesspal – helps you to log daily dietary intake and activity levels. Gives you daily totals of energy in versus energy out

2. – Daily fitness tracker that rewards you with high street vouchers when you hit your target!

3. Thinking Slimmer App – new app that provides brain training to help you change negative self beliefs and habits and alter your dietary intake.

4. Sugar Smart – just launched by Change for Life, this app allows you to scan in bar codes of foods and it will tell you (in cubes) the amount of sugar it contains

5. Lose It – allows you to set targets and goals, including blood pressure and sleeping patterns

6. Food Swipe – Children’s app designed to help them eat healthier food selection through a point system

7. My Meal Plate – designed by nutrition scientists, this app helps you track both your eating and activity patterns

8. FoodSwitch – similar to Sugar Smart, but also tracks salt and fat of scanned codes – and recommends healthier alternatives!


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