4 Steps to making time for breakfast

We all know that breakfast is an important meal for helping control our weight...here are 4 ideas to help find the time to do it!

People who eat breakfast manage their weight better and control portion sizes much more easily than those who don’t.  Also those who eat breakfast are more likely to have a healthy nutritional intake and avoid high calorie nibbles before lunch time too.  So no more excuses......make eating breakfast your priority.  Try these 4 simple Dietwise steps to help you......  

1. Set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier – it takes no more than 1 minute to put cereal in a bowl and splash over some milk! With just one additional minute, you might also add some dried fruit pieces or chop some fresh banana into it.

2. Try a nourishing drink – try a glass of milk or a fruit smoothie made with yoghurt and your favourite fresh fruit first thing – easy to drink and full of nutrition....

3. Try making up lunches the night before – this will free up free some extra time in the morning for you to eat breakfast.

4. Still no time? It is always best to try to eat sittig down, and mindfully.  However, a carton of juice, a banana or a piece of your favourite fruit to eat at waiting for your lift, bus or train is better than nothing a t all .  Try peaches, bananas, apples and pears, packaged exactly right for those on the go.

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