Get healthy for your Hospice- week by week handouts

As a Social Enterprise and a 'not for profits' organisation, Dietwise enjoys working with great charities for a worthy causes - and what better example that Hartlepool District Hospice.  I will post the weekly handouts's not too late to join, just come along and we will register you Wednesday evenings 5-6pm..........

Hartlepool Hospice has an annual January event with Dietwise to encourage people  to lose weight the healthy way while raising valuable funds for the Hospice at the same time.  Learn more  here All proceeds go directly to the hospice for people in Hartlepool and surrounding areas

Here are the Dietwise handouts week by week:

Week one

10 week programme plan

Track your portions

Facebook recipe competition rules

What is a measure?


Week two

Reasons Fads don't work

Know your fat facts

Fat game answers


Week three

Glycaemic Index (GI) Diet 

Sugar Game answers

The Sweet Sugar Debate

5 top ways to Curb a sugar craving

switch and ditch list


Week four

My handy guide to protein portions

My handy guide to carb portions

My handy guide to dairy portions

My handy guide to fruit and veg portions

My handy guide to fat portions

Portion Distortion (British Heart Foundation)

3 mindful Questions


Week five

Number your hunger

100Kcal snack Ideas


Week six

Work off the weight

Track your activity app

Apple and Pear shapes


Week seven

Berry and flaxseed smoothie

Brain boosting Menu

Food and Mood summary sheet


Week Eight

Food and Feeling Wheel

Mindful eating practical 


Week Nine

Self Talk

Assumptions we make - body image


Week Ten

Setting Smart Goals

Weekly Meal Planner