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  • 100 Kcal snack ideas

    Struggling with healthy snacks ?  Here's some suggestions to help.....

  • Carb Portions

    My handy guide to carb portions 

  • Dairy Portions

    My handy guide to dairy portions 

    A visual guide to help portion control!

  • Diabetes and diet

    Diabetes is very common in the UK 3.3 million people have been told they have it.  So there is no need to feel alone if you are one of them.

     There are a number of diagnoses that the doctor can make:


    If you have just been told you have diabetes, finding reliable advice and support about diet can feel daunting - there is lots of information available that can sometimes be contradictory and confusing.  


    Dietwise is able to offer you the professional dietetic support and dietary advice required.  Please get in touch for expert, experienced advice from a registered dietitian - I would be glad to help.

    Contact me now: 07928248727

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  • Get online week 12-18th October

    Here I am - ambassador for National campaign Get Online Week!  Of all the people.......and impossible without help from Destinations, GBiz and Tinder foundation support!  Here's my story....

  • Healthy halloween treats

    Halloween celebrations seem to get bigger and bigger each year.  If you are anything like me, and have an innate desire to share some nutritious fun food with the kids you will love these ideas....

  • Mindful eating sessions in Saltburn...

    Join me in Saltburn for an evening for a taste of mindful eating.....

  • New for autumn 2017- Health Weekly Menu plans

    Calorie counted, balanced weekly menus for just £5

  • New and FREE food sharing app - Olio

    An app that helps distribute surplus food supplies and share it out into local neighbourhoods

  • Number your Hunger

    A simple exercise to help keep you mindfully eating.......

  • Protein Portions

    My handy guide to protein portions

  • Switch and Ditch List

    Swapping a few foods can make a huge difference to you energy and fat intake.  Try some of the suggestions below...chances are you will not even notice the difference! Start switchingand ditching now!

  • Three Mindful Eating Questions

    Sometimes temptation to eat seems irresistible.  When you are struggling, try asking these three questions in sequence.  Answer honestly, without judgement and accept.  They will give you a mindful pause that will help you decide:

  • Timetable for 2017 Dietwise Group Programmes

    Dates for Spring and summer 2017 six weeks group programmes with Dietwise group are being planned - please revisit the site shortly for further details...

  • Weight Loss Weekly Meal Plans

    Calorie counted, balanced weekly menus for just £5