Mindfulness, a popular psychological tool since the 1970's, is often used to help people manage health, pain and mental well being.  It encourages self awareness and acceptance by focusing on emotions, thoughts, sensations and stimulation that are occurring there and then.  It has been shown to be especially effective for those suffering anxiety, depression and low self worth too.


Mindfulness, mindful eating and successful weight loss

Recently, the principles of mindfulness have been shown to really help people cope and manage their eating habits – especially those with long standing difficulties in controlling their weight.

Mindful eating can help you:

  • eat fewer calories every day and reduce body weight
  • feel better about your body
  • prevent weight regain 
  • encourage a better relationship with food.

At Dietwise, I particularly enjoy counselling people in the skills of mindfulness because of the powerful results I often witness.  I find it is especially well suited to people who struggle with stubborn weight and who feel they have tried everything and failed. 


Try 3 mindful questions to keep you on track:

Or number your hunger for a mindful pause


If you feel that mindfulness would be especially beneficial for you, contact me for a mindful eating package to be arranged.  Please let me know on the contact form.

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