Weight Loss Surgery

Whether you are thinking about it or have already had weight loss surgery, your diet and nutrition should be a top priority both before and after.  Experts agree that changes to diet and lifestyle are a must if you are going to achieve permanent weight loss.

Top 3 myths about weight loss surgery:

Myth Number 1.  Surgery is the ‘magic solution’ that allows you to eat what and how much you like. 

Not true - It is more likely that you will need to pay extra attention to your nutrition and intake as a result of it.

Myth Number 2.  You will lose all of your excess weight

Not true - while some surgical procedures produce impressive short term weight loss results, weight loss surgery performed in the UK is likely to produce losses higher than 80% of excess weight.  In fact, short term losses are more likely to average 50-60% for most people and procedures.

Myth Number 3.  After surgery, you cannot regain your lost weight

Not true - short term (within 2 years) weight loss results from surgery can be very good and may bring excellent health benefits.  Unfortunately, studies also show that over 20 years, a gradual regain of up to 80% of the lost weight is likely, for most people. 


Not everybody experiences magnificent weight loss results following surgery.  There are people who continue to struggle afterwards.  It is not uncommon.  

If you are regaining weight after bariatric surgery, and perhaps feel ashamed or afraid to seek further help, you are not alone.  At Dietwise I am proud to have the experience and empathy that are required to help you work through difficulties.  I would be glad to help.  

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