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Weight Loss Surgery Dietary Advice

Dietwise offers a range of comprehensive dietary advice leaflets for those who have had weight loss surgery from £5.

Dietwise has a good range of advise leaflets on offer that cover a step by step approach to dietary changes after gastric surgery for weight loss.  Written by a registered dietitian and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council.

  • Pre operative (liver reducing) dietary advice
  • Dietary advice  following a gastric balloon placement
  • Dietary advice following a gastric band placement
  • Dietary advice after a gastric by pass
  • Dietary advice following a sleeve gastrectomy
  • What portion sizes after surgery?
  • Healthy diet plans and menus following gastric surgery

Each leaflet is £5 each or £12.50 for three.  Please ensure you state which three when ordering. 

Payment by BACS or PayPal only


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